A Thought of Benedict XVI inspired Simply Med Ethics brands in Italian Food

It’s called “Simply Med” and it means the Simply Mediterranean. It is the first ethical brand of the Italian, which aims to spread the “good food” or the famous Mediterranean diet. It ‘was inspired by the Holy Father thought that a group of young Catholics, motivated by the Foundation “Paolo di Tarso”, have become a new model healthy food thtat respect for people.

The young entrepreneurs – who now have formed the Mediterranean Diet Ltd – have been questioned on ethical issues related to the food and to crisis and the financial consequences that may bring to the company from the family to because it suffer the crisis from the table, giving up the Food Quality, in search of savings. With this encouraging, among other things, the junk food industry, only to take advantage of the crisis.

“We realized – Silvia Lanzafame said, the last year of economics and former Chief of the Dieta Mediterranea Ltd. – that by declaring war on junk food heal the Italian economy in the sector and protect young people and families from serious diseases that junk food is causing huge burdens, among other things, the health care system. In the same hospital today come people who eat too much and hurt and who does not eat at all, the sign of the dichotomy of our society. ”

The Brand Simply Med was born as a result of a reflection on the contribution made by the Supreme Pontiff to the participants of the FAO Conference XXXVII: “The food – said Benedict XVI – has become the subject of speculation, or is linked to a financial market trends, free of certain rules and poor in moral principles, is pegged to the single objective of profit. ”

Simply Med is proving very successful in the international arena. It sells exclusively in Internet and it has an E-STORE really nice and easy to navigate, found on www.dispensasimplymed.it or www.dietamediterraneasrl.it. Concretely, the ethical mission of Simply Med is to cut the costs of retail providing buyers healthy foods of the highest quality also guaranteed by Coldiretti, Campagna Amica and by known consortia of Olive Oil as COFI.R., at very low cost compared to the market on the road.

Coldiretti and the Shops “Campagna Amica”  are the Organizations known for the battles to protect 100% ITALIAN Food who have adhered to the Simply Med Pantry – products of the Mediterranean Diet.”

There are already many, in fact, the Simply Med Pantries entirely dedicated to healthy Food proposed by two Italian organizations already presented in the symposium Coldiretti Calabria 2011 at the invitation of President Peter Molinaro.

In the field of Oil – that is a pillar of the Mediterranean Diet and eat healthy – Simply Med is already among the best in the world.

Dieta Mediterranea Ltd has signed commercial agreements with Consortium CO.FI.R. (Calabria Oil Chains Group) which, by grouping the main OP 4 Olive Growing (COTe.C., CIOC, Olivola, AGRIGEST) will enable the supply of high quality oils and different cultivars.

The ethical mission of Simply Med has been well received by the President of the Consortium CO.FI.R., Giovanni Battista Pisani, who is offering to all the Members of the Consortium a new market niche, that of the Mediterranean Diet – where the famous Calabrian oil, is a leadership position for its health properties.

Simply Med ha pensato proprio a tutto poiché propone Dispense alimentari per Famiglie, Coppie, Singoli e Comunità piccole e grandi. Eccellenti i prodotti e grande il risparmio.
L’idea della Comunità deriva dall’esperienza parrocchiale dei fondatori di Dieta mediterranea srl.
Le Comunità religiose, infatti, hanno sempre molti ospiti a tavola e il dovere dell’ospitalità, con i prodotti alimentari Simply Med, diventa un piacere per gusto e bontà, ma anche per il risparmio.

Simply Med has thought of everything because it offers food Handouts for Families, couples, individuals and communities large and small. Excellent products and great savings.
The idea of the Community comes from the parish experience of the founders of Dieta Mediterranea Ltd..
Religious communities, in fact, always have many guests at the table and the duty of hospitality, with food Simply Med is a pleasure for the taste and goodness, but also for savings.

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