The Mediterranean Diet and UNESCO

The Mediterranean diet is increasingly throats of foreign groups: in just 12 months have passed it from hand three great brands offood made ​​in Italy: the latest “mugging” two days ago it reached the king of peeled “Ar Food” bagged by aglonipponici Princes, a subsidiary of the giant Mitsubishi. Having opened with shopping on the French Lactalis dairy Parmalat in 2011 ended with the passage of the shock-historic Torino Gancia in the hands of Russian vodka oligarch, Roustam Tariko. Tomatoes, milk, pasta, there are all the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet-which has its heart in the beautiful country, but more likely to have the brainelsewhere.

But a group of highly qualified young people have created an ethical brand exclusively dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet: “SimplyMed” which means “just the Mediterranean” and contains over 600 excellent products 100% Italy in the Mediterranean diet.

SimplyMed sells exclusively online or These young people are very strong because they have signed contracts with the best companies that produce healthy food withoutpreservatives. Simply Med sells extra virgin olive oil of the best land in the South of Italy.

The Mediterranean diet has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of humanity and for this reason Simply Med wants to be a sentinel of the relationship Mediterranean Diet = Healthy Food 100% Italy.

The e-commerce site is very nice and functional.

A suggestion? Buy these products for your children and do not regret it.


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